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Elder-care costs

January 3rd, 2007 at 01:16 am

An article in the New York Times caught my attention recently: Elder Care Costs Deplete Savings of a Generation.

This brings to the forefront one of my major worries concerning my parents--specifically, my mother.

Oh, it's true that she refuses to invest in the stock market for retirement, insisting that it's an unwise and risky gamble. It also doesn't help that her income is low, and unlikely to increase. On top of that, she overspends to keep up appearances and bolster her fragile pride.

But that's not all.

I also have much reason to believe that she is suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness. And since she and I have a crappy personal relationship (possibly exacerbated by aforementioned mental illness), I don't have the leverage to convince her to seek treatment.

Although her prognosis differs dramatically depending on the diagnosis and severity of the disorder, I do fear the worst. And mental illnesses are so stigmatizing and dehumanizing.

I guess that's another reason to keep chugging at the financial planning, huh?

1 Responses to “Elder-care costs”

  1. nance Says:

    You won't be responsible for your mother's "elder care costs". There are program's available in every state, that can kick in if the need arises.

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