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Grand Review O' Finances

December 5th, 2006 at 09:45 pm

I spent all of this evening attempting to track, once and for all, every single penny that came into and out of my stewardship since June 12, the day I moved to this fine town and started my job.

Through this process, I discovered a few things.

One. I may not throw out any of my receipts, but I sure as hell can't FIND all of them. FRUSTRATION.

Two. I was missing over a grand in net pay, until I finally figured out that I never cashed a paycheck of mine, issued back on August 3. I cannot for the life of me locate said paycheck. DEFINITELY CONTACTING PAYROLL ON THE MORROW.

Three. I also never cashed a $400 deposit check that was returned to me when I vacated my summer sublet housing. Oops.

Four. The fact that my credit card posts transactions two days after the fact is very, very annoying, especially when it doesn't match the receipts I have.

Here are some random stats:

- Net income: $10,283.80 (this includes the missing paycheck)
- Total spending: $4727.22 (this includes the $400 deposit)
- Roth IRA contribution: $2203.33
- 403(b) contribution: $998.41
- Targeted savings: $2440

My pattern of spending:

- Public transportation: $93.5 (mostly to visit the BF)
- Groceries: $409
- Student loans: $401.16 (repayment started in September)
- Housing: $3275 (includes $400 deposit that I should have gotten back, plus $1000 deposit that I get back later)

Damn is housing pricey!

I really, really hope I can call up the subletters and have them rewrite my deposit check. Sigh. I need to get better about depositing checks. Gah.

I also need to get my free annual credit report thingy. Running out of time for that one!

2 Responses to “Grand Review O' Finances”

  1. fern Says:

    Why don't you have your paycheck automatically deposited in your checking account so you don't have to worry about cashing (and losing) them?

  2. amberfocus Says:

    fern: I do have direct deposit set up (did it the first day of work), but payroll still occasionally sends me checks for no reason. It's very confusing.

    August also happened to be the month when I was moving from summer to permanent housing. A few things *cough*CHECKS*cough* may have gotten lost in the shuffle, probably because I decided to keep them in a "safe" place, heh...


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