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Grocery stores are tricksy!

September 14th, 2006 at 05:56 pm

I went to the Hong Kong Grocery today to buy some munchies.

I made a very interesting observation.

As I was browsing for noodles, I was of course looking for the best price per pound value. Certain packages were $2.60 for 2 lb.; others were $4.60 for 4 lbs. I was about to go for the latter when I happened to glance down at the lowest shelf.

There were 5 lb. packages of noodles for $3.60!

Realization dawned: they put the more expensive noodles at eye level, and hide the cheaper ones on the lowest shelf!

I wonder if other stores do the same. I have to be on the lookout for this from now on!

Thank goodness I'm short and have no compunction against squatting down to get my noodles!

Okay, now, onto the bookkeeping:

- 5 lb. bag of oriental noodles: $3.60
- daikon radish: $0.80 ($0.69/lb)
- 2 packs of tofu (18 oz.): $0.99 each
- miso (17.5 oz.): $3.60
- Shanghai bok choy: $2.18 ($0.99/lb)
- mushrooms: $1.25 ($1.89/lb)
- orange gummy balls: $3.99

That last item is for the SO--he takes me out to restaurants, I buy him weird Asian junk foods. It works out in my favor, really.

TOTAL: $17.40

3 Responses to “Grocery stores are tricksy!”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Good catch. To answer your question, grocery stores generally stock their more profitable goods at eye level. The best bargains can usually be found either at the bottom or at the top. Exception is children's treats. They go low.

    Stretch or bend and save. Smile

  2. baselle Says:

    Yes indeedy. They pull a lot of crap sometimes. End caps that aren't sales, bulk goods that are of a higher unit price than the normal stuff, putting the staples at the edge and the corners of the store so you as you walk, they have time to seduce you, bakery in the front so if you shop hungry you'll buy a little something. Yep yep yep.

  3. amberfocus Says:

    There's also fudging of the unit price depending on the brand name. Haven't noticed this one personally, since I haven't gotten to the point where I pull out a calculator in the middle of the store to calculate the unit price, but that's what I've heard. Maybe I'll see if I can verify this myself at some point.

    But hey--knowledge is power!


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