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New car cost estimate

August 17th, 2006 at 10:25 pm

A bit of good news, at last.

I found a bus that goes to/from New Haven to a Park & Ride Lot four miles outside of Middletown.

I'd still need a car, but this cuts costs drastically.

I decrease my daily mileage from 60 mi to 8 mi, for a decrease of 87%! Plus, I save on $100/mo parking. And I probably can get a cheaper car, since it won't be driven so hard.

The bus fare is $3.60 per way, for a total of $180/mo--if there is no commuter discount/monthly pass, which I can investigate. But with the savings in gas and parking, I still come out $100 on top, compared to the previous estimate.

And the bus schedule is perfectly synch'ed with my work day.

This just might work.

*crosses fingers*

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