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A little bit about myself

August 12th, 2006 at 09:18 am

When I started this blog, I was just looking to record, lab notebook-style, my daily financial dealings and thoughts.

I didn't actually expect anyone besides myself to, um, read it. (I don't think I would have written about birth control in my first post, otherwise. Embarrassment)

But with 500 hits in less than a week and comments on nearly every entry, to boot--I am apparently very, very wrong. EEK!

So I think it's time to introduce myself. *waves hi*

My name (online, at least), is Mimi. I'm 21 years old, currently located in New Haven, CT. I just graduated from college this May from a small and extremely expensive liberal arts institution with a BA in Biology.

I think my background explains why I tend towards frugality. My family and I are immigrants, and I grew up in New York City before moving to Connecticut for college and life beyond.

When I was little, money was always tight, and my parents' jobs were never rock-steady. When I first came to this country, my father was a Ph.D. student bringing home only his stipend, and my mother worked as a cashier in a Chinese restaurant. We lived in a crappy neighborhood (lots of muggings and shootings and street drugs), and tried to make do.

Although the financial situation eventually got better (and then worse, and then better again), money was never taken for granted. And I learned subconsciously and from a very young age not to desire anything frivolous or non-essential, and to save for tough times. I never borrowed money for anything I couldn't afford--the only exception being my education.

Now, I'm living on my own and trying not to botch it too badly. I have a pretty good head start, I must admit--I'm not a spender, I save, and I try to look ahead. I know my chosen career in the academic sciences probably won't ever bring in the big bucks (unless I sell out and to go biotech), so it's important for me to start early in learning to manage my money, and do it well.

I'll stop here for now. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment or e-mail me. I love to chat. Smile

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