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Preliminary budget

August 8th, 2006 at 07:53 pm

So, the take-home verdict is in. My monthly income should be $2,025.962, but I'll be rounding that down to $2,000 for the sake of paranoia and Nice Round Numbers. Big Grin

Ahead comes guestimations of future expenses.

Rent: $500

This is with a roommate. At least it includes heat and hot water, is close to the shuttle bus, and is within reasonable walking distance of my favorite grocery store.

Electricity: $20

This is split with the roommate.

Internet: $30

Also split with roommate. Can't live without broadband. This expense doubles as entertainment in the form of internet radio and bittorrent. Big Grin

Natural gas: $50

Don't really know if this is accurate, but I'll probably be footing the bill for this one alone, since I am the sole cook of the household.

Groceries: $100

I budget $100, but I usually spend $60 - $80. I also get the use and abuse the CostCo membership of my roomie. Yay! Bulk nonperishables, here I come! Smile

Student loans: $250

Again, an overestimate of what I'm required to pay, which is $133 for my Stafford, the only loan currently in repayment.

Retirement: $150

This figure is another random shot in the dark. I need to do more careful analysis before deciding on the final amount.

Savings: $900

Over a period of 12 months... that's approximately $10K into savings? If these projections hold true... Only time will tell.

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