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Killed my grocery budget, RIP

September 27th, 2006 at 10:29 pm

Got to go to a proper supermarket for the first time in two months.

So I shopped like I wasn't going back for another two months. Plus, I'm entertaining the SO this weekend, so it's my turn to provide meals for two.

But I ended up going over my grocery budget for the month.

Oops. Oh well. I'll make it up next month.

Anyway, here are the goodies:

- chickpeas (5 cans): $0.50 each
- lentils (2 lb.): $0.75/lb.
- blackeye peas (1 lb.): $0.99
- all-purpose flour: $2.00
- Nestle chocolate morsels: $4.99
- all natural peanut butter: $2.00
- matzo ball soup: $1.99
- flour tortillas: $2.29
- mozzarella (2 lb.): $7.49
- day old Italian bread: $1.34
- Colgate toothpaste: $2.79

Total: $30.05

It looks like what did me in was the mozzarella--but that stuff keeps for months, and I really need the calcium. The chocolate morsels were an indulgence for chocolate chip cookies.

Oh, and the matzo ball soup, blackeye peas, and peanut butter were all impulse buys, although I refuse to feel bad about buying peanut butter. I've always liked matzo ball soup, and I wanted to try blackeye peas.

But on the bright side, the toothpaste is eligible for rebate. I just have to remember to send it in.

I still have to go shopping for scallions, cucumber, avocados, and buttermilk before this weekend. But I'm going to a different store that's cheaper for produce.

What'll be interesting during October is that I'm going to a conference. My PI is providing $50 per day for food, for five days.

I wouldn't even know what to *do* with $50 per day! People keep saying that you *need* this much, and I won't have a kitchen, but I get free breakfast at my hotel, which leaves $25 each for lunch and dinner.

We'll see how that goes.

2 Responses to “Killed my grocery budget, RIP”

  1. jacquelynrose Says:

    Entertaining also? I decided I don't have time to prepare nor cook...so I am taking an slight expensive alternative..(Housewarming party)


  2. mountainmist Says:

    Keep a close eye out for all the chocolate "morsel" coupons that will be flooding the coupon inserts shortly, in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

    Be sure to clip all the different chocolate chip coupons, and during Nov/Dec/Jan be sure to always have your coupons with you, because there simply so many stores which will have deep discount sales on chocolate chips.

    Concentrate on purchasing the NON-SWEETENED variety - they last for a very long time, dark chocolate simply doesn't go bad for a really lengthy time.

    Be sure to carefully individually wrap your bags of chips, after mine are wrapped up, I then store them in a metal cannister in a dark cool room in my basement.

    You can save many dollars this way.

    I also stock up on sugars, spices & baking supplies during the holiday sales when they are priced so very low. Just be certain to store them away with care.

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