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More groceries!

August 16th, 2006 at 07:28 pm

Roommate drove to M&M Farms today, a cheap fruits and veggies place, and brought me along!

Here's the damage:

- bananas: $0.66 ($0.39/lb)
- onions (3 lb bag): $1.69
- watermelon: $1.34 ($0.39/lb)
- 2 avocadoes: $0.99/each
- poatoes (5 lb bag): $1.89
- carrots (1 lb bag): $0.50
- apples: $1.53 ($0.89/lb)
- green peppers: $0.66 ($0.79/lb)
- tomatoes: $1.70 ($0.89/lb)
- garlic: $0.27 ($1.69/lb)

Total: $12.22

This should last me at least another week, I think.

Still need to buy:

- chickpeas (to make hummus?)
- chocolate morsels (to make chocolate chip cookies!)
- pasta (buy in bulk?)
- AP flour (or wait till the bread flour I bought by accident is used up?)
- tortilla chips (if I'm making guacamole)
- broccoli (I'm addicted, and I refuse to apologize for it)
- romaine lettuce (to make salad?)

Grocery bill thus far this month: $36.30. I'm still on target for $60/mo, or about $2/day.

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